Symposium on clinical cancer registries in Switzerland

November 21, 2019

Symposium on clinical cancer registries in Switzerland

November 21, 2019
21 November 2019

Zürich Marriott Hotel
Neumühlequai 42
Zürich 8006

Together with the Swiss Personalized Onocolgy Network (SPO), the Alpine Tumor Immunology Registry (Alpine TIR) and the Onconavigator there are three big clinical oncology registry projects in Switzerland. Some small data collections with the same purpose are existing in multiple institutions / hospitals. Such data collections generate the greatest benefit if they can be linked together, i. e. if the data they contain is interoperable and can therefore be exchanged and combined. An event that brings together those responsible for the collections mentioned above, but also with the other cancer community, is desirable.

The implementation plan of the National Strategy against Cancer (NSK) 2018-2020 includes a project on clinical registries in project 6.2.4. The corresponding text reads: “Clinical registries and systematic bundling of data will be used for evidence generation and quality assurance –also in relation to off-label use. For this purpose, registry data from clinical research are increasingly taken into account (e.g. DB Immunotherapy project)."

SAKK, which plays a central role in these data registers, organizes a conference entitled “Symposium on clinical cancer registries in Switzerland” in cooperation with NSK’s overall project management. The aims of this meeting are:

  • Presentation of existing data collections in clinical oncology in Switzerland
  • Presentation of the SAKK project "Swiss Real World Data Registry" (RWD)
  • Comparison of projects and registers in Switzerland
  • Discussing best Practices and possible Cooperations RWD
  • Primary target audience: researchers oncologists, event open to interested parties
  • Program Symposium on clinical cancer registries

  • Please register here. Symposium on clinical cancer registries is part of the SAKK Semi-Annual Meeting November 2019.

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