Determination of the maximum tolerated dose of a new Microtubule Targeting Agent on adult patients with a recurrent solid tumor

SAKK 67/15

Coordinating investigator

Prof. Dr. med.
Kantonsspital St. Gallen
+41 76 559 10 70

Microtubules are protein structures that are among others responsible for the mechanic stabilization of the cell. Microtubule Targeting Agents (MTAs) are active substances that suppress the microtubule dynamic (fluctuation of growing and shrinking) and induce the death of a cell. MTAs are very active in cancer therapies. However, despite the initial tumor sensitivity, the tumor can develop resistance to them. Accordingly, it is important to identify improved MTAs that may overcome this resistance, improving the effectiveness of treatment.

The effect of the new active substance (BAL101553) has already been investigated. Now, in this trial, the main objective is to define the dose that is most effective and tolerable for adult patients with a recurrent solid tumor. The substance is administered as a 48-hour infusion through a pump and as well with oral capsules.

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