Do colorectal cancer patients benefit from an exercise regimen?

SAKK 41/14 / ACTIVE-2

Coordinating investigator

Prof. Dr. med.
Universitätsspital Basel
+41 61 265 50 59

Lack of movement can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. However, it is not known what effect physical activity has on patients with this condition. The SAKK 41/14 trial sets out to investigate whether an exercise regimen can help alleviate the symptoms suffered by colorectal cancer patients, and if movement possibly helps to improve the efficacy of treatment.

The trial is enrolling patients with advanced colorectal cancer for whom surgery is not an option. Participants will undertake a twelve-week exercise regimen that includes endurance training and keeping an exercise diary. They will also complete questionnaires on how they are feeling and will take fitness tests at regular intervals.

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