Durvalumab in patients with advanced lung cancer and poor general state of health

SAKK 19/17

Coordinating investigator

Dr. med.
Kantonsspital Graubünden
+41 81 256 66 46

In patients with PD-1L-positive, advanced, non-small cell lung cancer, the administration of the PD-1L antibody pembrolizumab is now considered to be the standard treatment. Most of the patients treated in studies to date, however, were in a good general state of health. It is thus still unclear what effect a PD-1L antibody has on patients who are in a poor general state of health. In study SAKK 19/17, therefore, the PD-1L antibody durvalumab is now being tested in this patient group. 

The aim of the trial is to test the efficacy and safety of PD-1L antibody therapy (with durvalumab) in this particular patient group. It is a single-arm trial (all subjects receive the same treatment) with a total of 48 patients located at several centres around Switzerland. Durvalumab is approved in Switzerland and in the USA for the treatment of inoperable non-small cell lung cancer.

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