Maintenance therapy for advanced prostate cancer

SAKK 08/16

Coordinating investigator

Prof. Dr. med.
Istituto Oncologica della Svizzera Italiana (IOSI)
+41(0)91 811 95 43

In this trial we will examine how well the medicinal product ODM-201 works as a maintenance therapy for advanced prostate cancer following chemotherapy. The term maintenance therapy is used to describe preventive further treatment after successful completion of a preceding treatment (in the case of prostate cancer this is chemotherapy). With advanced prostate cancer, there is usually a break in treatment following chemotherapy with regular checks. In this trial we will examine whether early use of the medicine ODM-201 can improve the symptoms. It may thus be possible to delay recurrence of this cancer.  

ODM-201 belongs to a group of new active substances that are very effective in inhibiting the impact of testosterone on the cancer cells. It blocks the binding site for the growth hormone testosterone and thus obstructs signal transmission in the cancer cell. This causes the tumor to stop growing. This medicinal product has not yet been approved either in Switzerland or any other country. However, the active substance has undergone several clinical trials in humans in which the optimum dose was determined and general good tolerability was demonstrated.

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