Surgery or very close follow-up checks for patients with advanced oesophageal cancer


Coordinating investigator

Prof. Dr. med.
Brustzentrum Ostschweiz AG
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In this trial, patients with advanced oesophageal cancer, who show no further signs of a tumor following chemotherapy and radiotherapy, either undergo surgery as usual or receive very close follow-up checks. If the patients who did not undergo surgery experience a local tumor recurrence, they will also receive surgery.

Patients with locally advanced oesophageal cancer usually undergo surgery following the standard treatment with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During this operation, the oesophagus is almost completely removed and replaced by a gastric pull-up. After this highly demanding operation, which has a very high rate of complications, eating will be more difficult than before. Patients can often only eat their meals in small portions, at least in the first two years after the operation.

In this trial, we investigate whether, when comparing the delayed surgery option to immediate surgery, the risk for recurrence is sufficiently small to warrant further investigation of this therapy. This is aimed at preventing a potential overtreatment. 

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