Treatment of patients with bone metastases using Xgeva®

SAKK 96/12

Coordinating investigator

Roger von Moos
Prof. Dr. med.
von Moos
Kantonsspital Graubünden
+41 81 256 66 47

Bone metastases – the spread of cancer to the bones – are a frequent complication in patients with advanced cancer, and new cases are diagnosed in Switzerland in more than 5000 people a year. Since it was granted marketing approval in December 2011, Xgeva® has been increasingly used for the treatment of patients with bone metastases.

The project SAKK 96/12 is designed to show that less frequent dosing of Xgeva® is at least as effective as the approved standard dosing regimen. The project was launched because trial data have prompted the approved therapy with Xgeva® to be questioned with regard to dosing, toxicity and cost/benefit ratio. This study will closely monitor not only efficacy, but also side effects and quality of life, because it is assumed that less frequent dosing will lead overall to fewer side effects and thus also a better quality of life.

Since the rising costs in healthcare and the cost-effectiveness of medical treatment are leading to ever greater challenges for society, a further objective of this project is to examine the health economic aspects. The project SAKK 96/12 is being carried out in collaboration with the health insurers.

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