YOA 2021

Young Oncology Academy 2021

The Young Oncology Academy 2021 is over, thank you to everyone who participated in the program. The Mentees of 2021 have participated in the following courses: 

- Phase I Study Center Visit in St. Gallen
- Presentation Skill Course in  Bern 
- Writing Skill Course in Winterthur
- they participated at the SAKK ESMO in the Alps and the SAKK SMASH meeting
- First Presentation with a feedback round as a preparation for the final Presentation at the SOHC
- they held a final presentation at the "Highlight of the Year Session" at the SOHC 

The Mentees wrote together with their mentor a review paper which was published in two magazines. 

For the first time in the history of the Young Oncology Academy we became international and we had a participant joining us from Greece.  



Prof. Dr. med. Miklos Pless, KSW

Dr. med. Laura Boos

PD Dr. med. Grochola Filip, KSW

Dr. med. Gabriel Hess

Prof. Dr. med. Gabriela Baerlocher, Uni. Bern

Dr. med. Tobias M. Benoit

PD Dr. med. Khalil Zaman, CHUV

Dr. med Alessandra Tozzi

Prof. Dr. med. Laurence de Leval, CHUV

Dr. med. Lucine Christe

Dr. med. Francesca Caparrotti, HUG

Dr. med. Ange Mampuya

PD Dr. med. Richard Cathomas, KSGR

Dr. med. Katharina Hoppe

PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. nat. Sacha Rothschild, USB

Dr. med. Vassilis Genoud

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Güller, STS

Dr. med. Panagiotis Ntellas

Prof. Dr. med. Urban Novak, Insel

Dr. med. Astrid Beerlage