Staff development

We support the professional and personal development of our employees and offer attractive entry-level opportunities, particularly to employees at the start of their career.

Young talent: We are proud that our commitment to training helps safeguard the availability of qualified young specialists in clinical research. We also fulfil this role in our Coordination Centre: For many employees, the SAKK is their first employer after graduating.

Trainees: we provide trainees with continuous training in commercial skills at basic or advanced level. As we are a fairly small organisation, we offer good suppLehrbetrieb-Vignetteort and a wide range of activities as a solid basis for a future career. 

Continuous professional development: we support the continuous professional development of our employees. As part of this, we offer time off and financial support for employees to attend appropriate external events and courses, provided that this is in line with our company interests and budget. We also encourage all employees to attend the events held by our partner organisations (such as the Swiss Cancer League) on issues of current interest in clinical cancer research. 

Executives: Making the best use of the skills of our employees is one of our top priorities. When recruiting executives, we always start by looking at internal candidates. We regularly hold workshops and coaching sessions to develop executive skills, sometimes with external partners.