Would you like to learn more about clinical trials or SAKK? Our info brochures and fact sheets are available in German, French and Italian and downloads are free.

Patient brochure

The SAKK brochure for patients provides comprehensive information on clinical trials. It explains what a clinical trial is, why and how it is carried out, what rights and responsibilities patients have, and what the opportunities and risks of a study are.

Information flyer

The SAKK information flyer summarizes the most important aspects of our organization, clinical trials, and trial participation.

Donation brochure

In the interest of cancer patients both today and in the future, SAKK is working on further advances and improvements in prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about how you can support our work in our donation brochure.

Leaflet on clinical trials

Are you interested in participating in a trial and want to make sure you have gathered all the facts in order to make an informed decision? Our leaflet contains all the key questions for your next doctor's appointment.

SAKK flyer

This flyer describes SAKK's area of activity in cancer research in Switzerland.

Patient Guide on Cancer Pain Management

Recommendations for patients organisations and patient advocates