SAKK is organized as an association focusing on clinical cancer research on a nonprofit basis, in particular through cooperative examinations in the form of clinical trials.  The association contributes to improving cancer care in Switzerland.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Our members

The regular members of SAKK are the main oncology centers at Switzerland’s regional and university hospitals. Every center works with the other clinics and physicians, building a network with the SAKK Coordinating Center in Bern as hub.

Organizational Chart SAKK

Organizational chart of SAKK and its member clinics, hospitals, and research groups

SAKK Coordinating Center

The SAKK Coordinating Center acts as a platform and service center for SAKK members. Our employees at the Coordinating Center develop new trials in cooperation with physicians and collect trial data, which is evaluated and published after completion of the trial. In addition, they also perform all administrative and financial duties of our association.

Organigram SAKK Coordinating Center

Organigram of the SAKK Coordinating Center in Bern, Switzerland