SAKK Patient Advisory Board

SAKK Patient Advisory Board
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SAKK Patient Advisory Board
SAKK Patient Advisory Board
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SAKK Patient Advisory Board
SAKK Patient Advisory Board


Cooperating closely with cancer patients and patient organizations is vital for the further development of new and improved cancer therapies that aim at a higher cure rates and a better quality of life for patients. 

Accordingly, we founded the Patient Advisory Board in November 2015 in order to better understand the experiences and needs of cancer patients and their relatives, and to incorporate these needs in our research proposals. 

We strive for a partnership with our patients that is based on transparency, respect, trust, cooperation, fairness, and joint growth. 

    Advantages and objectives

    The SAKK Patient Advisory Board advises us on research projects, communications, or strategic affairs. Together with the board, we aim to

    • improve communication between researchers and patients;
    • identify patients' needs so that research projects prioritize a more patient-oriented approach;  
    • improve the information available to patients who decide to participate in a trial;
    • increasingly consider the needs of trial participants in the development of clinical trials and issues;
    • offer long-term, innovative therapies that are optimally aligned with patient needs;
    • motivate and encourage patients to participate in clinical trials. 

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