Young Oncology Academy

Our core initiative to promote young researchers is the Young Oncology Academy, a mentoring program for young oncologists. The program is aimed at residents at the beginning of their medical career with a clear focus on cancer medicine, hematology, radio-oncology, urology, gynecology, pathology, surgery or dermatology, who would like to actively contribute to clinical and translational research. 

Insights into clinical and translational research

For almost one year, the participants of the academy are under the guidance of a renowned faculty member. A particular focus lies on providing the young talents with insights into the successful development, management, execution and publication of a clinical trial. As part of the academy, participants also attend the ESMO congress, or the EHA (for hematologists) or ESTRO (for radio-oncologists) congresses, respectively. 

As a member of the academy, you also gain

  • expertise in oncology,
  • presentation skills, 
  • networking opportunities,
  • writing skills, and
  • insights in trial development.