Work-life balance

We advocate maintaining an appropriate balance between work and private life. We operate various schemes to allow our employees at the SAKK Coordination Center to reconcile their work with the needs of their family, their individual ambitions or their leisure time. 

Annual working time: Our employees, both male and female, determine their working hours individually in the context of their annual working time. 

Various part-time models: At least 20% of our employees work part-time. This can be done in various ways: for instance, someone working 80% of the standard full-time hours can take one day off a week, or work every day but for fewer hours (6.72 instead of 8.4). Jobsharing is another option that we offer where possible. 

Centrally located offices: the SAKK Coordination Center is located in Bern, Switzerland's handsome capital, just five minutes on foot from the main railway station, which employees with longer commutes particularly appreciate. 

Mobile working: where possible, we offer all employees (including part-timers) their own, ergonomically designed workstation. Employees with a longer journey to work can also work on the train. Working from home is also an option after consultation with the line manager. 

Leave: the standard leave allowance for all employees is 25 days a year. Employees who would like more leave can take a sixth week, either unpaid or made up of overtime worked.