Further support for the SAKK Patient Advisory Board: Welcome on board Michael

Further support for the SAKK Patient Advisory Board: Welcome on board Michael

SAKK Patient Council expands with a new member: Michael Emmenegger-Müller, Co-President of the "Living with lung cancer" association, was elected to the Patient Council at the end of October 2023. This expansion of the committee promises to be a valuable addition in terms of supporting people affected by cancer and promoting exchange.

Michael Emmenegger-Müller, a cancer survivor, has decided to become actively involved in the SAKK Patients' Council. His personal commitment and his willingness to encourage others affected by cancer will undoubtedly drive the work of the Patients' Council forward. Michael himself has been encouraged by the exchange with other patients and their inspiring stories, many of them with positive outcomes. These experiences have helped him to look to the future with confidence and motivate him to advocate for the interests of cancer patients and clinical cancer research.

The SAKK Patient Council is an important point of contact for people facing cancer. Here they have the opportunity to share their experiences, find support and participate in the further development of cancer research and therapy. The addition of Michael Emmenegger-Müller to the Patient Council demonstrates SAKK's ongoing commitment to listening to the voices of those affected and incorporating their perspectives into cancer research and treatment.

We are looking forward to the valuable contributions Michael Emmenegger-Müller will make to the SAKK Patient Council and look forward to a promising collaboration in the future.


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