Project Group Breast Cancer

Marcus Vetter
PD Dr.
President Project Group Breast Cancer
Peter Dubsky
Prof. Dr. med.
Vice President Project Group Breast Cancer


Members of the Breast Cancer Core Team

  • Dr. med. Ruben Bill (Inselspital)
  • Dr. med. Anna-Lena Eberhardt (USB)
  • Dr. med. Andreas Müller (KSW)
  • Prof. Dr. med. Pelagia Tsoutsou (HUG)
  • PD Dr. med. Khalil Zaman (CHUV)
  • Dr. med. Ursina Zürrer (KSW)


Researchers in the SAKK network regularly exchange scientific knowledge and findings in indication-specific project groups. Study proposals are initiated at these expert meetings, then developed further and presented to the board for appraisal.   

The project group Breast Cancer is made up of medical oncologists and representatives of other disciplines.

Please find the current projects here.