YOA 22

Young Oncology Academy 2022

The Young Oncology Academy 2022 is completed, Thanks to everyone who participated in the program. With the support of their mentor, the mentees wrote a review paper which was published in several magazines (see below).

The participants

Mentee Mentor

Dr. med. Luca Afferi
Department of Urology, Cantonal Hospital Lucerne LUKS

PD Dr. med. Richard Cathomas
Division of Oncology/Hematology, Cantonal Hospital Graubünden

Dr. med. Martina Bertschinger
Cantonal Hospital Winterthur
Prof. Dr. med. Urban Novak
Inselspital / University Hospital of Bern
Dr. med. Natacha Bordry
University Hospital Geneva HUG
Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. nat. Sacha Rothschild
Cantonal Hospital Baden AG
Dr. med. Nils Degrauwe
Department of Oncology, Lausanne University Hospital CHUV

Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Güller
Klinik für Medizinische Onkologie und Hämatologie, Spital STS AG Thun

Dr. med. Eva M. Heilmann
Department of Hematology, University Hospital Basel

Prof. Dr. med. Gabriela M. Baerlocher
University of Bern

Dr. med. Kira-Lee Koster
Department of Medical Oncology and Haematology, Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen
Prof. Dr. med. Miklos Pless
Department of Medical Oncology, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur
Dr. med. Alexandros Lalos
Clarunis Visceral Surgery, University Hospital of Basel
PD Dr. med. Lukasz Filip Grochola
Department of Visceral and Thoracic Surgery, Cantonal Hospital Winterthur
Dr. med. Umberto Maccio
Institut für Pathologie und Molekularpathologie, University Hospital Zurich USZ

Prof. Dr. med. Laurence De Leval
Pathologie, Lausanne University Hospital CHUV

Dr. med. Bich Doan Nguyen-Sträuli
Gynecologic Oncology, University Hospital Zurich USZ

Dr. med. Francesca Caparrotti
Radio-Oncology, Clinique Générale Beaulieu - Swiss Medical Network, Geneva


  • Review Papers

    Young Oncology Academy 2022 | Review Papers

    In 2022, 9 mentees successfully concluded the program. As part of the program, the participants wrote a short review paper about an abstract in 2022.


    Schweizer Zeitschrift für Onkologie

    SZO 01/2023: Nachwuchsförderung der SAKK – Teil 1

    Absolventen der Young Oncology Academy berichten von ihren Erfahrungen.

    SZO 02/2023: Nachwuchsförderung der SAKK – Teil 2

    Absolventen der Young Oncology Academy berichten von ihren Erfahrungen.


    Leading Opinions Hämatologie & Onkologie

    Leading Opinions: Young Oncology Academy 2022 – Teil 1

    Welche Daten für den onkologischen Nachwuchs spannend waren, in: Leading Opinions Hämatologie & Onkologie 2023; 1: 54-8

    Leading Opinions: Young Oncology Academy 2022 – Teil 2

    Der onkologische Nachwuchs resümiert, in: Leading Opinions Hämatologie & Onkologie 2023; 2: 38-40
    Leading Opinions: Young Oncology Academy 2022 – Teil 3 | Teaser

    Leading Opinions: Young Oncology Academy 2022 – Teil 3

    Welche Daten Jungonkolog*innen erwähnenswert finden, in: Leading Opinions Hämatologie & Onkologie 2023; 3: 28-30.


    Medical Tribune

    18. April 2023 
    SAKK Young Oncology Academy: Review Papers 2022


  • Flyer YOA 2022

    Call for application

    The call for application for the Young Oncology Academy 2021 is open!  Sign up now, the application deadline is February 28, 2022

    Please send the following documents to events@sakk.ch 

    • Letter of motivation, maximum of two A4 pages
    • Curriculum vitae of the applicant, including list of publications
    • Letter of recommendation & commitment by the head of the department, guaranteeing the support of the institution as outlined below

    If you have any questions about the program please do not hesitate to reach out to events@sakk.ch.

    In case your application is accepted to the YOA 2022 the following dates require a mandatory participation:  


    Presentation Skill Course 


    Visit Phase I Study Center, St.Gallen


    Writing Skill Course, Winterthur


    1st Presentation, Zurich


    2nd Presentation, at the SOHC

    We look forward to your application and to another successful Young Oncology Academy 2022!

    Rules and Regulations YOA 2022

    Curriculum YOA 2022