Section Registries

Ulf Petrausch
PD Dr. med.
President Section Registries
Petros Tsantoulis
Dr. med.
Vice President Section Registries


Clinical trials are often indication-specific, and so are most SAKK project groups, working groups and sections. In contrast, registries often cover several indications. Accordingly, the Section Registries welcomes representatives from different indications and disciplines (oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, data scientists) who are interessed in SAKK registry studies.

Mission statement:

The sections aims to define a common and nation-wide applicable parametric language describing oncological patients histories allowing the exchange between platforms and projects, repeated usage, and analysis of health related data.

Goals of the Section Registres:

  1. Develop SAKK’s strategy with respect to registry studies and the registry concept SCORED (Swiss Centralized Oncology Real world Evidence Data). The latter describes the framework of project governance, Core Data Set and central data storage / curation as implemented in SAKK registry studies.
  2. Connect medical specialists, data scientists and other researchers for interdisciplinary exchange and to promote their interests.
  3. Evaluate new registries and data projects: Study proposals are initiated at the meetings, then developed further and presented to the board for appraisal.
  4. Develop new and innovative ways to analyze and interpret medical data.
  5. Inform members about new developments in the field of registries.