Foundations and third-party funding

A performance agreement with the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) ensures the core funding of our trials. For additional funding, we depend on third-party funds. This particularly applies to academic studies that are not co-financed by the pharmaceutical industry, including therapy optimization trials that are crucial for our patients. 

Our most important partners in institutional fundraising are the Swiss Foundation for Cancer Research (Stiftung Krebsforschung Schweiz) and the Swiss Cancer League (Krebsliga Schweiz). According to the performance agreement we maintain with both organizations, their yearly funding is used exclusively to further academic, clinical research projects. Another important partner is the Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research, who has been supporting us with considerable contributions for many years, especially for projects that are not backed up by the pharmaceutical industry . 

Other foundations that regularly support us are: Fond’Action, Fondation Joseph et Lina Spicher, Gateway for Cancer Research, Krebsliga beider Basel, Krebsliga Bern, Krebsliga Zentralschweiz,  Research Support Foundation, Schweizerische Stiftung für Klinische Krebsforschung, Schweizerische Nationalfonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung, and Werner und Hedy Berger-Janser Stiftung zur Erforschung der Krebskrankheiten.

Also, the insurance associations Santesuisse and Curafuture as well as the pharmacy association PharmaSuisse sponsor our projects, particularly trials that examine the optimal use of medications to reduce side effects and costs. 

We would like to thank all these foundations and organizations for their generous contributions. They enable us to do research for the benefit of people suffering from cancer.