Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counseling

Manuela Rabaglio-Poretti
Dr. med.
President Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counseling
Rossella Graffeo
Dr. med.
Vice President Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counseling


Researchers in the SAKK network regularly exchange scientific knowledge and findings in indication-specific project groups, working groups and specialty sections. Study proposals are initiated at these expert meetings, then developed further and presented to the board for appraisal.

The sections and networks include representatives from different disciplines who are involved in SAKK studies. The sections and networks maintain contacts with other specialist bodies and take on an important educational function.

Goals of the Network for Cancer Predisposition Testing and Counseling:

Genetic testing in the context of oncological diseases/ predispositions has increased tremendously in recent years. The network has several important roles, mainly in:

1) supporting harmonization of genetic counseling and testing in clinical practice;

2) informing SAKK and network members about new developments in the field;

3) providing policies in the field of cancer predisposition testing and the care of individuals with a genetically conferred high risk of cancer.

The CPTC network includes representatives of different healthcare disciplines, including medical genetics, medical oncology, pathology, hematology, radio-oncology and surgery, laboratory medicine and other healthcare professions.

For membership application, please follow the application guidelines.

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SAKK-CPTC Network Panel Testing Recommendations

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Swiss guidelines for counseling and testing

Genetic predisposition to breast, ovarian, pancreatic and prostate cancer