The SAKK Network Trial Award – a boost for clinical cancer research

Clinical cancer research trials make a major contribution to the ongoing refinement and improvement of existing cancer treatments. In its capacity as a decentralized academic research institute, the SAKK is announcing a competition to fund a new SAKK clinical trial in medical oncology and hematology. The competition, which has prize money of CHF 1 million, invites proposals from doctors in the SAKK network.


Trial proposals will be accepted if:

  • their purpose is to conduct a clinical trial in medical oncology or hematology, and
  • their focus is innovative, pragmatic, or interventional in nature, or revolves around patient and public involvement (PPI), and
  • they have either never been assessed by the SAKK or have been accepted by the Scientific Committee, but are not yet fully funded.


The competition invites proposals from oncologists and hematologists in the SAKK network whose primary place of research is Switzerland. Submissions from young doctors (aged 40 or under) are particularly welcome. Conditions of Participation see “Conditions of Participation and Evaluation Procedure” document.


Deadline for Proposals: December 31, 2022

Announcement of Winners: End of March 2023. Winners will be notified in person.

Award Ceremony: SAKK Semi-Annual Meeting, May 2023

Further Information: If participants have questions, they should send an e-mail bearing the subject line “SAKK Network Trial Award” to