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SAKK/BMS Grant «HEM Pioneer»

Many types of blood cancer remain incurable and are associated with severe morbidity and increased mortality. SAKK/BMS Grant «HEM Pioneer» is funded by BMS and aims to support projects and research that could potentially pave the way for a game-changing outcome in the field of blood cancers. The grant ist worth CHF 30,000.



  • Practicing physician, clinical researcher, or professional in a patient care institution/society
  • Primary place of research in Switzerland
  • Project funded via an institutional bank account

The project

  • intends to pave the way for a potentially game-changing impact in the field of hemato-oncological diseases including their premalignancies
  • has a research nature (e.g. clinical or translational research, database/registry research, working and patient care models, assessment tools, etc.)
  • must not be a basic science project
  • may focus on aspects such as treatment approaches, mode of action of drugs, mode of disease, interdisciplinary communication/collaboration, etc.
  • is being conducted in Switzerland
  • is planned or ongoing


Applications must:

  • be written in English
  • include the project title, rationale/background, aim of the project and how this may have a significant impact on the studied blood cancer type
  • include a detailed description of the project encompassing the project plan, methodology incl. statistical methods (if applicable), timelines/duration of the project, financial plan.
  • include the resumes of all applicants

Applications that do not fulfill all of the above-mentioned requirements cannot be considered.

Submissions: Applications have to be submitted electronically via SAKK, events@sakk.ch.
Applicationf for 2025 will be opened at the end of 2024.

For further information please refer to the documents below.