SAKK secuTrial Trainings Platform           


PDFs with embedded videos

  1. General Information
  2. Support regarding secuTrial and Data Entry
  3. Access to secuTrial
    Application, link, inactivate popup blocker, first login, secure passwords, forgotten password
  4. How to maneuver in secuTrial
    Welcome Page and Task Bar
  5. How to access patient’s data
    Select field, reports, ‘My Reports’ function
  6. A patient’s Form Overview
    Overview & structure
  7. The Visit Plan
    Set up, edit, delete and hide visits
  8. How to set up a new patient
  9. Data Entry
    Registration forms & specifics
    Saving data, Data Entry Complete (DEC)
    Important data entry rules, eCRF sections, dates, radio-button, subordinate data fields, free text fields, ‘Comments’ section,
    Casenodes, Repetition Groups, CTCAE & ATC catalogues, new eSAE form
  10. Data Cleaning
    Query Management, (find & answer queries)
    Protocol Deviation