SAKK/Amgen Research Grant

SAKK and Amgen Switzerland AG award this grant with the aim of furthering translational research in Switzerland. Every two years, it is awarded to new and innovative projects that improve patients' lives. Researchers or a research team independent of their nationality and age, who are currently working at a Swiss hospital or institution, are eligible to apply. The grant is endowed with CHF 50'000.- and should cover a relevant scientific part of the project. 

The most recent SAKK/Amgen Research Grant was awarded in 2019. The next call for proposals is scheduled for summer 2021.

    Further details of the award and the rules can be found on or send your question to

    • SAKK/Amgen Research Grant 2019 

      The SAKK/Amgen Research Grant 2019 has been awarded to Dr. Silvia Angori und Prof. Peter Schraml for the project with the title “Addressing the medical need for treatment of patients with papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma (pRCC) Type 2”.

      Amgen Award 2019

      Prof. Dr. med. Roger von Moos (Jury President and SAKK President ), Dr. med. Silvia Angori (University Hospital Zurich), Dr. Christian Merkle (Amgen Schweiz), Prof. Dr. phil. Peter Schraml (University Hospital Zurich)


      SAKK/Amgen Research Grant 2017 

      SAKK/Amgen Research Grant 2017 has been awarded to Dr. med. et phil. nat. Sara Christina Meyer from University Hospital Basel (Hematology) in recognition of her translational research project titled “Targeting therapeutic resistance to novel JAK2 inhibitors in myeloproliferative neoplasms”.

      Amgen Award 2017

      Prof. Dr. med. Roger von Moos (Jury President and SAKK President ), Dr. med. et phil. nat. Sara Christina Meyer (University Hospital Basel), Dr. Christian Merkle (Amgen Schweiz)